New York action 6 – a visit to a “SPA”

One place I can really recommend is the Heaven SPA, located on 15 West 17th Street(Between 5th and 6th avenue on Manhattan), open between 10am and midnight. I recommed a girl called Nina from Korea at this place.

It works like this:

First you pay for the massage, then you go to a room with your girl and she asks “Do you whant to shower first?”…

Always answer yes!!

Then, take off your clothes, put on a robe and the girl will shoiw you to the shower, and it is a “table shower”. You lay down on a soft table naked, face down at first, and then the girl will wash you off and use soap all over you, then you turn around, face up, and she will do the same on that side, including very good and well on and around your dick = very nice 🙂

After that you stand up and she will hand try you with a towl, once again “all over” 🙂

Then you go back to the massage room and she begins the massage, first on your back side and then you turn around and get a massage on your front side + a very soft gentle sensual massage on your body, and when you are as horny as you can get she will give you a very nice handjob with oil. When I was there last time she eaven licked my balls during this 🙂

After you have cum she will clean you off and continue with the massage for 20 more minutes or so.

When she is done she eaven helps you get dressed, as always, a tip for the girl with 20-40 dollars is good.

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