German action in Berlin

If you are ever in Berlin, do not miss this place out.

For 80 Euro in entrance fee you get:

* Entrance to an incredible SPA with saunas and pool

* A small gym

* 2 movie teaters (porn movies of course)

* Free buffet

* Free non-alcoholic drinks

…and of course, the best of all, a verity of the most beautiful girls you have ever seen, walking around you, flirting with you and aiming to please.

For just 50 euro you can pick any girl and she will be yours for the next 30 min and you can do (almost) what ever you like with her, perhaps a blowjob in the teater while whatching a porn movie? Perhaps Normal fuck in a private room? Perhaps double up and get two girls at the time? All girls do OWO. Highly recommended place!

Normally 20-50 girls from all over the world there at the same time.

Open from 11 AM to 05 AM and you can easy stay there for 5-6 hours at a time…


FKK artemis Berlin Germany

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2 Responses to “German action in Berlin”

  1. Rolf says:

    I have visited this place once and it was like a dream coming true!!!
    Guys, you must try this place out!

  2. germany girl says:

    Artimis should not be missed by anyone visiting berlin. I agree!

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